Quantcast 30-Day DS Maintenance Allowances.


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Page Title: 30-Day DS Maintenance Allowances.
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Recoverability Code - TM-5-4120-282-130084
TM-5-4120-282-13 Air Conditioner Floor Mounted Aie Cooled Electric Motor Driven 3/4 HP 60 Cycle AC Single Phase 9000 BTU/HR Manual
1-Year Allowance Per 100 Equipments/Contingency Planning Purposes
(2) The quantitative allowances for organizational level of
maintenance represents one initial prescribed load for a 15-day
period for the number of equipments supported. Units and organiza-
tions authorized additional prescribed loads will multiply the
number of presribed loads authorized by the quantity of repair
parts reflected in the appropriate density column to obtain the
total quantity of repair parts authorized.
(3) Organizational units providing maintenance for more than
100 if these equipments shall determine the total quantity of parts
required by converting the equipment quantity to a decimal factor
by palcing a decimal point before the next to last digit of the
number to indicate hundredths, and multiplying the decimal factor
by the parts quantity authorized in the 51-100 allowance column.
Example, autorized allowance for 51-100 equipments is 12; for 140
equipments multiply 12 by 1.40 or 16.80 rounded off to 17 parts
(4) Subsequent changes to allowances will be limited as
follows: No change in the range of items is authori ed. If addi-
tional items are considered necessary, recommendation should be
forwarded to the U.S. Army
Command for exception
or reversion to the allowance list. Revisions to the range of items
authorized will be made bt the U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Command
based upon engineering experience, demand data, or TAERS information.
g. 30-Day DS Maintenance Allowances.
(1) The allowance columns are divided Into three subcolumns.
Indicated in each subcolumn, opposite the first appearance of each
item, is the total quantity of items authori ed for the number of
equipments supported.  Subsequent appearances of the same item will
have the letters "REF" in the applicable allowance columns. Items
authorized for use as required but not for Initial stockage are
idetification with an asterisk, in the allowance column.
(2) The quantitative allowances for DS level of maintenance
will represent initial stockage for a 30-day period for the number
of equipments supported.
(3) Determination of the total quantity of parts required
for maintenance of more than 100 of these equipments can be accom-
plished by converting the equipment quantity to a decimal factor
by placing a decimal point before the next to last digit of the num-
ber to indicate hundredths, and multlplying the decimal factor by

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