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Page Title: Pressure Relief Valve
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Pressure Switches S5 and S6
TM-5-4120-337-14 Air Conditioner Vertical: Compact Self-Contained Air Cooled Electrical Motor Driven Manual
Evaporator Coil - TM-5-4120-337-140063
(3) Unsolder the refrigerant lines from the
a n d re-charge the refrigerant system (pars 5-8 d a n d
fluid pressure regulator.
(41 Remove mounting clamp and screw.
5-23. Service of the Compressor
(5) Remove the regulator from the system.
a. General. T h e  c o m p r e s s o r  i t s e l f i s n o n -
b. Installation. Installation of the fluid pressure
r e p a i r a b l e and must be replaced. A pre-cooler coil,
r e g u l a t o r shall be the reverse of removal. Evacuate
a filter and the mounting hardware for the com-
a n d re-charge the refrigerant system (para 5-8 d a n d
p r e s s o r may be replaced if damage to the items has
occurred.  T o d e t e r m i n e i f t h e c o m p r e s s o r i s
5-20. Pressure Relief Valve
operating normally, refer to table 4-3 for normal
operating pressures and currents. The windings of
a. Removal.
the compressor motor should be checked with an
(1) Remove two screws securing the lower
ohmmeter with the reading to be .6 to .8 ohms
front panel and remove the front panel.
across the main winding and 5 to 7 ohms across the
(2) Remove junction box assembly (para 4-
auxiliary winding (A to C, B to A).
b. Disassembly.
( 3 ) Discharge the refrigerant (para 5-8 b) a n d
(1) Discharge the refrigerant system (para 5-
unscrew the relief valve from the system fitting.
8 b).
b. Installation. Installation shall be the reverse
order of removal. Be sure relief valve fitting is tight.
(2) Unsolder the pre-cooler coil at both ends
Evacuate and re-charge the refrigerant system
and remove the coil from the compressor.
(3) Unsolder the suction strainer from the
compressor and tubing and remove the strainer.
5-21. Sight Glass
c. Cleaning, Inspection, and Replacement.
(1) Plug the compressor tubing ends. Clean
(1) Remove fifteen screws securing the air
s c a l e and corrosion from the pre-cooler, compressor
conditioner top panel and remove the top panel.
and suction strainer with a stiff bristle brush and
(2) Discharge the refrigerant system (para 5-
soft wire brush.
(2) Any paint removed from the compressor
(3) Unsolder the sight glass refrigerant line
should be retouched or the whole compressor
(4) Remove two screws securing the sight
(3) Use a cloth dampened in a dry cleaning
glass to the air conditioner rear panel and remove
solvent, Federal Specification P-S-661, and wipe
the sight glass, spacer and gasket.
the compressor, coil and filter.
b. Installation. Installation of the sight glass
(4) Use dry compressed air and blow out the
s h a l l be the opposite of removal. Evacuate and re-
inside of the pre-cooler.
charge the refrigerant system (para 5-8 d a n d p a r a
( 5 ) Inspect the pre-cooler for dents, cracks or
5-8 e ).
other damage. Replace if damaged.
5-22. Compressor
(6) Evacuate and re-charge the refrigerant
a. R e m o v a l .
s y s t e m ( p a r a 5 - 8 d and para 5-8 e ) .
(1) Loosen two screws from the front panel
and remove the panel.
(2) Remove junction box assembly (para 4-
a. General. Experience has demonstrated that
a f t e r a hermetic motor burnout the system must be
(3) Discharge refrigerant from system (para
cleaned thoroughly to remove all contaminants;
5 - 8 b) a n d d i s c o n n e c t t h e e l e c t r i c a l c o n n e c t o r P 3
otherwise a repeat burnout will occur. Failure to
from J3 on the compressor motor.
f o l l o w these instructions as quickly as possible will
(4) Remove insulation from suction tube.
r e s u l t in an excessive risk of a repeat burnout and
Melt solder and disconnect suction and discharge
damage to other system components.
tubes from the compressor.
b. Clean-Up Procedure. Make certain that a
(5) To remove compressor from base, first
burnout has occurred. A motor that fails to start
remove 4 nuts, washers, bolts and mounting
may be due to improper voltage or malfunction of
bushings from the compressor mount, then lift the
the compressor start relay, or a compressor
compressor from the base.
mechanical fault.
( 6 ) Check the rubber resilient mounts through
(1) To check for proper voltage, turn off the
which the four compressor mounting bolts pass in
main disconnect switch so that all power is off.
the base panel of the air conditioner. Replace if
(2) Remove the front access cover.
(3) Remove the compressor leads at the
b. Installation. Installation of the compressor
compressor side of the compressor start relay.
shall be in the reverse order of removal. Evacuate

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