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Page Title: ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR - continued
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Figure 5-1. Electric Motors
TM-5-4120-347-14 Air Conditioner Horizontal Compact 9 000 BTU/HR 208 Volt 3 Phase 60 Hertz Manual
ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR - continued - TM-5-4120-347-140123
(3) To replace the overload protectors on Welco Industries, Inc. motors:
(a) Remove four screws from each of the protector covers.
(b) Remove the protector covers.
(c) Remove the protector hold down springs.
(d) Tag and disconnect the leads to the overload protector.
(e) Remove the old overload protector.
(f) See tags and connect leads to the new overload protector. Remove the tags. Install the protector hold
down spring and cover with four screws.
(4) To replace the bearings on IMC Magnetics Corp. motors:
(a) Match-mark the stator and both end bells to ease reassembly.
(b) Remove the four lock nuts and flat washers and pull the through bolts out of the motor.
(c) Carefully separate the end bells from the stator. Use a brass or plastic bar and hammer and tap the
rear end bell away from the stator. Tap opposite sides, top and bottom in alternating sequence to break the end
bells loose.
Remove the front end-bell carefully to avoid damaging wires. Wires may be left in place if care is
taken to avoid damaging them.
(d) Unscrew the loop clamp from the side of the stator.
(e) Remove the end bells.
(f) Press out or carefully drive the bearings out of end bells. Retain the shims and the thrust washer for
use at reassembly if they are not damaged.
(9) Examine rotor, stator and shafts for nicks, gouges, deformations and evidence of overheating.
(h) Dress high metal defects in shafts with a fine file or stone. If damage exceeds repairable Iimits,
replace the motor.
(i) Coat the shaft surfaces of the rotor with oil (MIL-L-2104, Grade 20) and slide the bearings on the
shaft ends. They should seat against the shoulders at the inner ends of the shaft.
(j) Coat the thrust washers and shims with oil (MIL-L-2104, Grade 20) and slide them over each end of
the shaft with the thrust washers next to the bearings.
(k) Coat the bearing cavity of each end-bell with oil, and slide carefully into position over shaft so that
OD of bearing enters ID of bearing cavity in end-bell. Work end-bells onto shaft until bore fits over end of stator,
keeping the match-marks made at time of disassembly in alignment.
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