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Page Title: Column 1, Group Number
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TM-5-4120-361-14 Air Conditioner Vertical Compact 18 000 BTU/HR 208 Volts 3 Phase 50/60 Hz (Model 18K 208 3 60) Manual
Section II. MAINTENANCE ALLOCATION CHART - TM-5-4120-361-14_125
TM 5-4120-361-14 APPENDIX D (Continued) maintenance applied to Army equipment. The rebuild operation includes the act of returning to zero those age measure- ments (hours/miles, etc.) considered in classifying Army equipments/components. D-3 . Column Entires Used in the MAC. a. Column 1,   Group  Number. Column  1 lists group numbers, the purpose of which is to identify components, assem- blies,   subassemblies, and modules with the next higher assembly. b. Column 2, component/ Assembly. Column 2 contains the names of   compo- nents, assemblies, subassemblies, and modules for which maintenance is author- ized. c. Column 3, Maintenance Functions. Column 3 lists the functions to be per- formed on the item listed in column 2. (For detailed explanation of these func- tions, see paragraph B-2.) d. Column 4,   Maintenance Level. col- umn 4 specifies, by the listing of a work time figure in the appropriate sub- column(s), the lowest level of mainte- nance authorized to perform the function listed in column 3. This figure repre- sents the active time required to per- form the maintenance function at the in- dicated level of maintenance. If the number or complexity of the tasks within the listed maintenance function vary at different maintenance levels, appropri- ate work time figures will be shown for each  level. The number of man-hours specified by the work time figure repre- sents the average time required to re- store an item (assembly, subassembly, component, module, end item, or system) to a serviceable condition. The symbol designations for the various maintenance levels are as follows: c . . . . .   Operator or crew o . . . . . Organization maintenance F . . . . . Direct support maintenance H. . . . .   General support maintenance D . . .. .  Depot  maintenance e. Column 5,   Tools and Equipment. Column 5 specifies, by code, those com- mon tool sets (not individual tools) and special tools, test, and support equip- ment required to perform the designated function. f. Column 6, Remarks. This column shall contain a letter code in alpha- betical order which shall be keyed to the remarks contained in Section IV. D-4 .   Column Entries Used in Tool and Test Equipment Requirements. a. Column 1,   Tool or Test Equipment Reference  Code. The tool and test equipment reference code correlates with a maintenance function on the identified end item or component. b. Column 2,   Maintenance Level. The lowest level of maintenance authorized to use the tool or test equipment. c. Column 3,   Nomenclature. Name  or identification of the tool or test equipment. d. Column 4,   National/NATO Stock Number. The National or NATO stock num- ber of the tool or test equipment. e. Column 5,   Tool  Number. facturer’s part number. D-5. Explanation of Columns IV. The manu- in  Section a. Reference  Code. The code scheme recorded in column 6, Section II. b. Remarks. This column lists infor- mation pertinent to the maintenance function being performed as indicated on the MAC, Section II. D-2

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