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Page Title: Preparation for Movement
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Figure 2-10. Air conditioner stopping instructions
TM-5-4120-361-14 Air Conditioner Vertical Compact 18 000 BTU/HR 208 Volts 3 Phase 50/60 Hz (Model 18K 208 3 60) Manual
Operation in Extreme Heat - TM-5-4120-361-14_38
figure 2-7 figure 2-8 figure 2-9 2-12. Preparation for Movement. To prepare the air conditioner for move- ment, proceed as follows. 2-13. Dismantling for Movement. a. Disconnect main power Cable. b. Disconnect drain line from out- let. c. Disconnect air ducts and install the-evaporator  inlet  and  outlet grilles. d. face. e. over a 2-14. Remove unit from mounting sur- If air conditioner is to be moved long distance, recrate it. Reinstallation After Movement. After  movement,  follow  procedures  in paragraph 2-9 to reinstall the air conditioner. 2-15. Identification. a. Identification. Each air condi- tioner has one major identification plate mounted on the side of the unit. The  plate  specifies  nomenclature,  manu- facturer, military part number, BTU/hr., phase, hertz, volts, serial number, con- tract number, and shipping weight. A manufacturer’s  identification  plate mounted just below the military plate contains the manufacturer's name and ad- dress and the model and serial numbers. b. Information Plates. The air con- ditioner  has  the  following  information plates pertinent to operation. (1) Wiring Diagram Plate. It is located on the top of the unit. This illustrates  complete  air  conditioner wiring. TM  5-4120-361-14 (2) Fluid Diagram Plate. It is lo- cated on the top of the unit. The plate illustrates complete air conditioner re- frigerant system. (3) Ventilation Instruction Plate. It is located on the left front side of the unit. This plate indicates the di- rection to turn vent adjusting knob to open or close the damper door in the ventilation air duct. (4) Control Module Instruction Plate. It is located on the front of the unit. This plate indicates the fol- lowing. (a) The ON and OFF positions of the control circuit breaker. (b) The ON and OFF positions of the compressor circuit breaker. (c) The various heating and cool- ing positions for the mode selector switch. (d) Temperature increase and de- crease positions for the temperature se- lector  switch. (e) The HIGH and LOW positions of the evaporator fan speed switch. (f) The manufacturer’s model num- ber of the unit. (g) The part number of the plate. (5) Main Power Plate. It is lo- cated on the front of the unit above the control module and contains the main power receptacle. (6) High Pressure and Low Pressure Reset  Plates. They are located on the left side of the unit below the service valve access panel. These plates indi- cate location of the high and low pres- sure reset buttons. (7) Service Valves. The high pres- sure and low pressure service valve plates are located on the left side of the unit above the service valve access panel. These plates indicate the loca- tion of the service valves. (8) Danger Warning Plate. It is located on the right side of the air conditioner near the front. This plate warns of the hazard in operating the air conditioner without a grounding wire. 2-15

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