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TM 5-4120-248-20P
(3) To determine allowances when supporting
and only these parts are authorized for requisitioning
more than 100 of these equipment: First, divide the
from this manual.
number of equipment supported by 100 by moving the
decimal two spaces left; second, multiply the result by
5. How to Locate Repair Parts
the quantity in the 51-100 density column.  Example;
a. When Federal Stock Number or Reference
authorized allowance for 51-100 equipment is 40; for 150
Number is Unknown:
equipment, multiply 40 by 1.50 or 60 parts authorized.
(1) First. Using the table of contents, determine
(4) Subsequent changes to allowances will be
the assembly group within which the repair part belongs.
limited as follows: No change in the range of .items is
This is necessary since illustrations are prepared for
authorized. If additional items are considered necessary,
assembly groups and listings are divided into the same
recommendation should be forwarded to U. S. Army
Mobility Equipment Command for exception or revision
(2) Second.  Find the illustration covering the
to the allowance list. Revisions to the range of items
assembly group to which the repair part belongs.
authorized will be made by the U. S. Army Mobility
(3) Third.
Identify the repair part on the
Equipment  Command  based  upon  engineering
illustration and note the illustration figure and item
experience, demand data, or TAERS information.
number of the repair part.
g. Illustration. This column is divided as follows:
(4) Fourth. Using the Repair Part Listing, find the
(1) Figure number. Indicates, the figure number of
assembly to which the repair part belongs and locate the
the illustration in which the item is shown.
illustration figure and item number noted on the
(2) Item number.  Indicates the callout number
used to reference the item in the illustration.
b. When the Federal Stock Number or Reference
Number is Known:
4. Special Information
(1) First.  Using the Index of Federal Stock
a. Identifications of the usable on codes included in
Numbers and Reference Numbers find the pertinent
the  description  columns  of  this  publication  are:
Federal stock number or reference number'. This index
(Applicable only when identifying parts to particular serial
is in ascending FSN sequence followed by a list of
number range, or model).
reference numbers in alpha-numeric sequence, cross-
Used on
referenced to the illustration figure number and item
A ................................ Model MAC 6V40 3402
B ................................ Model MAC 4V40-340-3
(2) Second. Using the Repair Part Listing, find
b. Repair parts mortality has been based on 7200
the assembly group of the repair part and the illustration
hours of operation per year.
figure number and item number referenced in the Index
a. Parts which require manufacture or assembly at a
of Federal Stock Numbers and Reference Numbers.
category higher than that authorized for installation will
c.  When the Federal Stock Number or Reference
indicate in the source column the higher category.
Number is Known and the Repair Part is not Illustrated.
d. The following publication pertains to the Air
(1) First.  Using the Index of Federal Stock
Conditioners and their components.
Numbers and Reference Numbers find the pertinent
TM 5-4120-268-15
Operator, Organizational, DS,
Federal stock number or reference number in the section
GS, and Depot Maintenance
titled "Items Not Illustrated" and note the group number.
This section of the index is in ascending FSN sequence
e. The illustrations in this manual are identical to the
followed by a list of reference numbers in alpha-numeric
applicable illustrations published in the -35P, Direct and
sequence cross-referenced to assembly group number.
General Support and Depot Maintenance Repair Parts
(2) Seconds.
Using the Table of Contents,
and Special Tools List manual, and the figure numbers
locate the assembly group number and page number.
are the same as appear in that manual.  The -35P
(3) Third.  Using the applicable group number
illustrations are given for a better understanding of the
and page number locate the pertinent
parts relationship, however, only those parts assigned
maintenance code "O" are listed in the tabular portion

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