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Page Title: Evaporator Assembly
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TM 5-4120-287-15 (3)   Roll down condenser air inlet weather cover; then using the snap fasteners (fig. 3-4) secure weather cover; to air conditioner frame. 3-34.  Evaporator Assembly a. Remove the evaporator rear access panel and air inlet filter (para.  3-22a). b. Clean the core fins of the evaporator assembly with compressed air. c. Install the air filter and evaporator rear access panel (para.  3-32c). 3-35.  Condenser Assembly a. Roll up condenser air inlet weather cover and remove air inlet filter (para.  3-33a). and remove air inlet filter (para.  3-33a). b. Remove the condenser right-side access panel assembly (para 3-9a). c. Clean the accumulated dust and dirt from the core fins of the condenser assembly and the subcooler assembly with compressed air. d. Install the condenser right-side access panel assembly (para.  3-25c). e. Install the air inlet filter and secure the weather cover to the air conditioner frame (para.  3-33c) Section VIII.  AIR CONDITIONER ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 3-36. General Operator and organizational maintenance of the electrical system consists of replacing the fuse, fuse holder, remote control box, variable resistor, switch, harness assembly, and temperature control thermostat. 3-37.  Electrical Tray Panel Fuse a. Removal. Note.  If the lamp in the fuse holder (fig. 3-3) glows, it indicates that the fuse is blown and must be replaced. (1)   Push inward on fuse holder (fig. 3-3) and rotate it counterclockwise.  Remove the fuse and the fuse holder. (2)   Remove fuse from fuse holder. b. Cleaning, Inspection, and Testing. (1)   Wipe the fuse holder and fuse clean with a dry cloth (2)   Inspect the fuse holder for cracks and distortion. Test the fuse for continuity with a test lamp. Replace an unserviceable fuse or fuse holder. c. Installation.  Insert fuse holder (fig, 3-3) with a 3/4 ampere 600 volt fuse installed, into the electrical tray panel.  Press the fuse holder and turn it clockwise to secure it in position. 3-38.  Remote Control Box Assembly and Wiring Harness a. Removal. (1)   See that the main power source is disconnected. (2)   Disconnect wiring harness from remote control box assembly (J103) and from electrical tray remote control receptacle (J102). b. Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair. (1)   Wipe the wiring harness assembly and the box assembly with a clean, dry cloth (fig. 2-2). (2)   Inspect the wiring harness assembly or broken terminals. (3)   Inspect the box assembly for cracks, a defective switch, and for loose or missing hardware. (4)   Repair or replace an unserviceable wiring harness assembly. (5)   Replace a damaged or unserviceable remote control box assembly. c. Installation. (1)   Connect remote control wiring harness plug (P103) to remote control bolt assembly receptacle (J103). (2)   Connect remote control wiring harness plug (P102) to electrical panel remote.  Control receptacle (J102). (3)   Connect main power supply plug (P101) to electrical tray panel power input receptacle (J101). 3-39.  Thermostat a. Removal. (1)   Remove the thermostat access panel (para.  3-26a). 3-18

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