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Page Title: Charging The Refrigeration System
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k. Open the high pressure charging valve on the air conditioner. Allow liquid refrigerant to enter the system
until the drum weight has decreased by 2.88 pounds (1.31 Kg) or until system pressure has equalized.
l. CIose the refrigerant drum valve and the high pressure (discharge) manifold valve.
m. Reset the low pressure cut out switch.
n. Connect power at the power source.
o. Turn air conditioner on and operate in the cool mode with the temperature selector set at the maximum
COOLER position.
p. If the 2.88 pound (1.31 Kg) full charge was obtained, skip steps q. through s. If the system pressure
equalized prior to obtaining a full charge of 2.88 pounds (1.31 Kg) proceed with step q.
q. Switch the refrigerant drum to the gas only position.
r. Be sure that the refrigerant drum has been switched to the gas position and open the refrigerant drum
valve, the low (suction) pressure charging manifold valve and the low (suction) pressure charging valve on the
air conditioner.
s. Monitor the weight of the refrigerant drum as the air conditioner compressor pulls additional refrigerant
gas into the system until the full 2.88 pound (1.31 Kg) charge is obtained. When the system is fully charged,
immediately close the refrigerant drum valve and the air conditioner low pressure charging valve.
t. Run the air conditioner in COOL mode (with temperature control in coolest position) for 15 minutes.
Do not skip the next step.
u. After 15 minutes, observe the sight glass on back of condenser section.
Green center means the refrigerant moisture content is acceptable.
Yellow center means there is too much moisture in the system. It must be discharged, evacuatad and
charged again.
Milky white or bubbly liquid means the system has a low charge.
Clear bubble-free liquid around the center means the system is fully charged.
v. If charge is low add gas refrigerant.
(1) Be sure that drum is switched to gas position. Open the drum valve.
(2) Continue to charge until sight glass is clear and bubble-free.
(3) Close the refrigerant drum valve.
w. Turn the mode selector switch to OFF.
x. Close the high and low pressure air conditioner charging valves and remove the charging manifold
hoses from the air conditioner charging valves.
y. Install the charging valve access cover.

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