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TM 5-4130-234-13&P
(4) If pressure switch fails this test, pressure
5-20.  Tubing (115, fig. 5-2)
switch is defective.
a. If tubing (115) is defective, loosen nuts on elbows
(5) Set switch (21) and circuit breaker of OFF, and
(112) and remove tubing (115) with ferrule sets (114).
disconnect light bulb from terminal strip.
b. Install new tubing (115) with new ferrule sets (114)
b. Replace defective pressure switch as follows:
in place and tighten nuts on elbows (112).
(1) Remove wires from pressure switch S2. (See
5-21.  Check Valves (116, fig. 5-2)
(2) Hold tee (95  fig. 5-2) and remove pressure
a. If check valves are defective, remove hardware
switch (96) from tee.
attaching V4 and V5 valves (108).
(3) Tape lubricate threads of new pressure switch
b. Apply heat to solder joint of check valves (116) and
(96), and thread pressure switch into tee (95) while holding
separate check valves with tubing and valves (108) from
elbow (117) and tubing (91) before solder joint can cool.
(4) Connect wiring to pressure switch S2 in
c.  Apply heat to solder joint of check valves (116) and
accordance with figure 5-1.
separate check valves from tubing with valves (108).
d. Tin tubings with valves (108) and new check
5-17.  Gage (103, fig. 5-2)
valves (116) together, using solder.
a. Verify gage for defects before replacement as
e. Tin elbow (117) or tubing (91) and check valves
(116) with attached valves (108) together, using sold-en
(1) Close valves (12, 14, fig. 2-3) and open valve
f.  Secure valves (108) with parts (104 thru 107).
(2) Uncap valve (5) and connect a certified gage-
5-22.  Filter Drier (118, fig. 5-2)
covering the range of gage (7) into a pressure line between
a.  Replace filter drier by loosening clamp (171) and
valve (5) and a pressure regulator. Calibrate gage (7) in
while holding tee (119), remove filter drier.
20 psig intervals to 80 psig.
(3) Gage (7) must indicate within two percent of
5-23.  Tank Heater (132, fig. 5-2)
certified gage.
a. Verify tank h eater for defect before replacing.
b. If gage is defective' replace as follows:
Perform test as follows:
(1) Loosen attaching parts (100, 101, 104, 105, fig.
(1) Place service unit in an ambient temperature
environment of 60to 70 (15.6to 21.1 }.
(2) Hold adapter (93) with gage and loosen nut
(2) Fill reservoir with refrigerant in accordance
(3) Remove adapter (93) from defective gage.
(3) Connect a jumper wire across terminals 2 and
(4) Tape lubricate threads of new gage, before
6 of terminal strip (167). See figure 5-1 for wiring diagram.
threading adapter (93) in place.
(4) Set circuit breaker (22, fig. 2-3) to ON and
(5) Thread nut (92) into adapter (93) and tighten
switch (21) to HEATER ON.
attaching parts ( 100, 101, 104, 105) to secure gage (103).
(5) Allow reservoir to heat until pressure of 85 5
psig is indicated on gage (7). Failure of gage (7) to reach
5-18.  Valves (108, fig. 5-2)
82 5 psig within one hour indicates a defective heater.
a.  If valves are defective, remove attaching parts (
(6) Set switch (21) and circuit breaker (22) to OFF
104 thru 107).
and remove jumper wire from terminals of terminal strip.
b  Apply heat to solder joint of valves and separate
b. Replace defective tank heater as follows:
valves from tubings (91) before solder joint can cool.
(1) Remove heater wiring from terminals 4 and 6
c.  Tin tubings (91) and new valves ( 108) together
of terminal strip (167, fig. 5-2). See wiring diagram, fig. 5-
using solder.
d. Install attaching parts (104 thru 107) to secure
(2) Remove tape (131A, fig. 5-2) and insulation
(131B), and unlace and remove tank heater from tank
assembly (133).
5-19.  Relief Valve (109, fig. 502)
(3) Wrap and lace new tank heater (132) around
If relief valve is defective, hold tee (95) and
tank assembly (133).
remove relief valve.
b. Tape lubricate threads of new relief valve and
thread new relief valve into tee (95) while holding tee.

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