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Table 4-2. Troubleshooting (Cont)
TM-5-4120-337-14 Air Conditioner Vertical: Compact Self-Contained Air Cooled Electrical Motor Driven Manual
Circuit Breaker Reset Access Cover
Specification SS-G-659, to all points of relative
elements. heater thermostat, fan speed relay, ex-
pansion valves, fluid pressure regulator, pressure
motion will provide free operation. Clean ac-
s w i t c h e s and the compressor bypass solenoid valve.
cumulated dirt and debris from the grilles.
d . Installation. I n s t a l l a t i o n o f t h e d i s c h a r g e a n d
b. Removal. Remove the fifteen screws and
w a s h e r s which secure the top panel to the top of the
intake air grilles shall be in the reverse order of
removal. Care shall be taken during installation of
air conditioner casing and the five screws and
w a s h e r s which secure the top panel to the top rear
t h e intake air grille to insure that the damper door
control chain operates freely.
of the casing. Loosen the two top screws which
secure the discharge air grille to the front of the
4-14. Condenser Coil Guard and Condenser Fan
casing. The top panel may then be lifted off for
maintenance of interior components or inspection
a. General. The condenser coil guard and
a n d repair of the gasketing and insulation affixed to
c o n d e n s e r fan guard protect the condenser coil and
the top panel and the air conditioner casing.
fan,  respectively, f r o m p h y s i c a l d a m a g e a n d t h e
c. Servicing. Servicing of the top panel consists
i n t r o d u c t i o n of large contaminants such as paper or
of re-gluing of loose gasketing or insulation or
leaves from entering to degradate their per-
replacement of defective gasketing and insulation.
formance. The condenser fan guard also serves to
The fifteen washers originally removed should be
protect  personnel  from  physical  injury  through
inspected and loose or defective washer gaskets
contact with the rotating condenser fan. The
should be replaced before re-installation.
condenser fan guard must be removed to provide
d . Installation. Installation of the top panel shall
access  to
be in the reverse order of removal. All missing
mounting hardware shall be replaced during in-
piping system and unit wiring harnesses.
b. Removal. Removal of the condenser fan
4-12. Front Access Panel
guard is accomplished by removing 8 screws and
a. General. The front access panel must be
washers located around the periphery of the guard
removed for access to the air conditioner control
w h i c h secure it to the back of the casing. Removal
panel and junction box, condensate drain tubes,
of the condenser coil guard is accomplished by
capacitors, liquid line solenoid valve, dehydrator,
r e m o v i n g the screws and washers located along the
pressure relief valve, and the compressor.
top and `bottom of the guard.
b . R e m o v a l . Loosen the two screws at the top of
t h e front access panel. Tilt the panel out at the top
Do not operate the air conditioner with
and lift up and out of the air conditioner casing.
the  c o n d e n s e r  f a n  o r  c o i l  g u a r d
c. Servicing. Servicing of the front access panel
consists of re-gluing or replacement of loose or
c . Servicing. The only servicing required for the
defective  gasketing  or  insulation.  The  two
condenser coil and fan guard consists of cleaning
mounting screws should be checked to insure that
a c c u m u l a t e d dirt and debris to provide unrestricted
the screw retaining washers are in place.
a i r flow. Minor deformations of the expanded metal
d. Installation. Installation of the front access
in the guards may be straightened to restore the
panel shall be in the reverse order of installation.
guard to a serviceable condition. Guards in which
the expanded metal or frames are broken or in
4-13. Discharge and Intake Air Grilles
which welds are cracked should be replaced.
a. General. The discharge air grille must be
d.  Installation. Installation shall be in the
removed to provide access to the evaporator coil.
reverse order of removal. Care shall be taken in
The intake air grille must be removed to provide
i n s t a l l a t i o n of the coil and fan guard to insure that
a c c e s s to the air filter, thermostat sensing bulb, fan
condenser air leaves the fan directed upward from
inlet ring, evaporator fan, fresh air inlet damper
t h e coil and enters the coil in an upward direction
f r o m the outside to the inside face of the condenser
g r i l l e s serve to control the amount and direction of
coil guard.
flow of evaporator air.
b. Removal. The discharge or intake air grilles
4-15. Service Valve Access Cover
are removed by removing the four screws and
a. G e n e r a l . T h e s e r v i c e v a l v e a c c e s s c o v e r m u s t
washers which secure each grille to the air con-
b e removed for access to the suction and discharge
ditioner  casing.
service valves, The cover must be removed to
c. Servicing. Servicing consists of re-gluing or
provide access for installation of charging and
replacement of loose or defective gasketing. Check
pressure test gauges to the suction and discharge
t o insure that the louvers, particularly on the intake
service valves.
air grille operate freely. If the louvers are ex-
b. Removal. Remove the service valve access
c e s s i v e l y tight, application of dry graphite, Federal

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